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Magdalene at the Sepulchre; an Instructive SceneJoh 20:10-1621191889673
Magnanimity of God, TheJob 36:513791877577
"Magnificat"Jud 5:123401860429
Mahanaim, or Hosts of AngelsGe 32:1, 2 2Sa 17:27-2915441880361
Main Matter, TheJoh 20:30, 3116311881653
Maintenance of Good Works, TheTit 3:3-820421888493
Majestic Voice, ThePs 29:4871856265
Majesty in MiseryLu 22:63-6528251903157
Make This Valley Full of Ditches2Ki 3:16-187471867229
Making Light of ChristMt 22:5981856353
Man Christ Jesus, TheHeb 7:418351885205
Man Greatly Beloved, TheDa 10:19108918731
Man Humbled, God ExaltedIsa 2:1733691913409
Man Named Matthew, AMt 9:924931896565
Man of God Alone With God, APs 119:2627961902433
Man of One Subject, The1Co 2:212641875637
Man of Sorrows, TheIsa 53:310991873121
Man Transient, God's Word EternalIsa 40:834391914625
Man Under Authority, AMt 8:8, 924341895481
Man Unknown to ManPr 14:1020791889193
Man Who Shall Never See Death, TheJoh 8:51-5321691890565
Man, Whose Breath is in His NostrilsIsa 2:2219841887529
Man Whose Hand Clave to His Sword, The2Sa 23:9, 1031931910181
Man with the Measuring Line, TheZec 2:1-56041864693
Man's Extremity, God's OpportunityDe 32:3627171901109
Man's Ruin and God's RemedyNu 21:82851859481
Man's Scorn and God's SuccourJob 16:2033731913457
Man's Thoughts and God's ThoughtsIsa 55:8, 9676186697
Man's Weakness, and God's Anointing2Sa 3:393341860381
Manasseh2Ch 33:131051856409
Manoah's Wife and Her Excellent ArgumentJud 13:22, 2313401877109
Many Kisses for Returning Sinners; or Prodigal Love for the Prodigal SonLu 15:2022361891649
Marah Better than ElimEx 15:22-2623011893145
Marah; or, the Bitter Waters SweetenedEx 15:23-259871871229
March, TheNu 10:353681861161
Maroth; or, the DisappointedMic 1:123184191073
Marriage of the Lamb, TheRe 19:7, 820961889397
Marriage Supper of the Lamb, TheRe 19:924281895409
Marrow and Fatness2Sa 7:18-2211661874193
Martha and MaryLu 10:38-429271870229
Martha and MaryLu 10:41, 4234691915349
Marvellous Change, A1Co 6:9-112661190061
Marvellous Increase of the ChurchIsa 60:863185673
Marvellous Light1Pe 2:92765190261
Marvellous LovingkindnessPs 17:727021900553
Marvellous Magnet, TheJoh 12:32, 3317171883229
Marvellous ThingsPs 98:1, 230861908157
Marvellous! Marvellous!Zec 8:617471883589
Mary MagdaleneMr 16:9792186849
Mary's MagnificatLu 1:46, 4729411905301
Mary's SongLu 1:46, 476061864717
Maschil of EthanPs 89:1, 215651880601
Master-Key, Opening the Gate of Heaven, TheGe 32:12193818871
Master, TheJoh 11:2811981874577
Master's Profession—The Disciple's Pursuit, ThePs 40:9, 109771871109
Matchless Mystery, TheEph 5:301153187437
Mature Faith — Illustrated by Abraham's Offering Up IsaacGe 22:28681869241
May I?Mt 9:2118091884613
Mealtime in the CornfieldsRu 2:145221863421
Means for Restoring the Banished2Sa 14:149501870505
Meat and Drink of the New Nature, TheJoh 6:5514601879109
Meat Indeed, and Drink IndeedJoh 6:5534241914445
Mediator, AGa 3:2021801890693
Mediator, Judge and Saviour, TheAc 10:42, 4315401880313
Mediator—The Interpreter, TheEx 20:18-2020971889409
Medicine for the DistractedPs 94:1911161873325
Meditation of Moses, TheEx 32:142398189549
Meditation on GodPs 104:3426901900409
Meek and Lowly One, TheMt 11:28-302651859321
Meeting of Our Own Church*3801861257
Meeting of the Contributors to the Tabernacle*3711861185
Meeting of the Neighbouring Churches*3721861193
Members of ChristEph 5:302244189285
Memento MoriDe 32:293041860141
Memorable Hymn, TheMt 26:3029821906169
Memorable Interview, AJoh 20:27, 2835411916577
Memorable Milestone, APs 40:9-11291619051
Memory of Christ's Love, TheSo 1:42294189361
Memory—The Handmaid of HopeLa 3:216541865565
Men BewitchedGa 3:115461880385
Men Chosen—Fallen Angels RejectedHeb 2:16901856289
Men Without Heart, Sight, or HearingDe 29:41638188213
Mercy for the Meanest of the FlockMic 4:632011910277
Mercy, Omnipotence, and JusticeNa 1:31371857241
Mercy's Master MotiveIsa 48:9-1110411872157
Merry Christmas, AJob 1:4, 5352186133
Message from God, AJud 3:2034551915181
Message from God for Thee, ALa 4:224801862637
Message from God to His Church and People, AHab 3:27251866685
Message from the Lord's Mouth, TheEze 3:1714311878481
Message to the Glad and the Sad, AJob 22:2925461897577
Messages of Our Lod's Love, TheMr 16:720601888705
Messages to Sinners and SaintsIsa 30:1529851906205
Messenger of the Covenant, TheMal 3:14701862519
Messengers WantedIsa 6:86871866229
Messrs. Moody and Sankey Defended; or, A Vindication of the Doctrine of Justification by FaithGa 5:2412391875337
Method and Music, or the Art of Holy and Happy LivingCol 3:17913187061
Micah's Message for TodayMic 6:823281893469
Middle Passage, TheHab 3:214741879277
Might Have Been, or May BeJoh 11:371944188753
Mighty Arm, ThePs 89:1313141876517
Mighty Arm, ThePs 89:13674186673
Mighty Plea, APs 27:911441873661
Mighty Power Which Creates and Sustains FaithEph 1:19-235341863565
Mighty Saviour, AIsa 63:1111185733
Migratory BirdsJer 8:728581903553
Mingled Strain, APs 51:719371886701
Miniature Portrait of Joseph, AGe 39:216101881413
Minister's Farewell, TheAc 20:26, 27289186025
Minister's Plea, ThePhp 1:1911391873601
Minister's Stock-Taking, TheAc 28:245161863349
Minister's Trumpet-Blast and Church-Member's Warning, TheHo 8:1, 227721902145
Ministry of Gratitude, TheLu 4:3910711872517
Ministry of Reconciliation, The2Co 5:1828371903301
Minstrel, The2Ki 3:1516121881437
Minstrelsy of Hope, ThePs 67:6, 78191868373
Miracle of Grace, A2Ch 33:9-1335051916145
Miracle of the Loaves, TheMr 6:521218187597
Miracles of LoveIsa 38:1711101873253
Mission of Affliction, The2Sa 16:11, 1231641909469
Mission of the Son of Man, TheLu 19:102041858313
Missionaries' Charge and Charta, TheMt 28:18, 193831861281
Mistaken Notions About RepentanceEze 36:3127431901421
Mistakes Concerning GodPs 50:2131191908553
Mistrust of God Deplored and DenouncedNu 14:1114981879565
Moab is My WashpotPs 60:89831871181
Mocked of the SoldiersMt 27:2928241903145
Mocking the KingMt 27:28-3031381909157
Model Home Mission and the Model Home Missionary, TheAc 10:389291870253
Model Soul-Winner, TheJoh 4:724231895349
Modern Dead Sea, and the Living Waters, TheEze 47:818521885409
Mongrel Religion2Ki 17:4116221881557
Monster Dragged to Light, TheRo 7:131095187373
Monument for the Dead, and a Voice to the Living, ARo 10:5-91700188325
Moral of a Miracle, TheMr 11:2214441878637
More and MorePs 71:149981871361
More and MoreJas 4:634591915229
More and More, or Less and LessMt 13:1214881879445
More Room for More PeopleLu 14:2235291916433
More than ConquerorsRo 8:377511867277
Morning and Evening SongsPs 92:211381873589
Moses: His Faith and DecisionHeb 11:24-2620301888349
Moses' DecisionHeb 11:24-2610631872421
Moses' Dying Charge to IsraelDe 8:22345189437
Most Needful Prayer Concerning the Holy Spirit, APs 51:119541870553
Motives for Steadfastness1Co 15:5811111873265
Mourners, Inquirers, CovenantersJer 50:4, 517521883649
Mournful Defection, AJoh 6:6729141904601
Mourning at the CrossZec 12:1029011904445
Mourning at the Sight of the CrucifiedLu 23:488601869145
Mourning for ChristZec 12:1013621877373
Mouth and HeartRo 10:918981886241
Mr. Evil-Questioning Tried and Executed2Ki 5:12297186089
Mr. Evil-Questioning Tried and Executed2Ki 5:12298186089
Mr. Fearing ComfortedMt 14:312461859169
Mr. Moody's TextIsa 12:225411897517
Much MoreRo 5:1025871898433
Multitude Before the Throne, TheRe 7:9, 1034031914193
Multitudinous Thoughts and Sacred ComfortsPs 94:198831869421
Must He?Lu 19:527551901565
Mustard Seed: a Sermon for the Sabbath-School Teacher, TheLu 13:18, 1921101889565
My Beloved Is MineSo 2:1624421895577
My Comfort in AfflictionPs 119:5018721885641
"My Garden"—"His Garden"So 4:1624751896349
My GodPs 91:212971876313
My Hourly PrayerPs 119:11716571882241
My Lord and My GodJoh 20:2817751884205
My Own Personal HoldfastMic 7:72069188973
My PrayerPs 119:3710721872529
My RestorerPs 23:311491873721
My Solace is My AfflictionPs 119:89-9216561882229
"My Times are in Thy Hand"Ps 31:1522051891277
Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent, TheJoh 3:141531857365
Mysterious MeatJoh 4:31-3819011886277
Mystery! Saints Sorrowing and Jesus Glad!, AJoh 11:14, 155851864461

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