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Documents From the Down-Grade Controversy
From the June 1889 Sword and Trowel

WING to the extreme pressure upon us this month, the notes are necessarily brief.
    In The Freeman, April 19, in an article referring to the appearance in South Place Chapel of the then President of the Baptist Union, it was said, "these lectures, it should be stated, are arranged by 'The Ethical Society,' of which the Archbishop of Canterbury is the president." Something else also should be stated. In answer to a letter, asking if the Archbishop was indeed in connection with the Ethical Society meeting in South Place, Finsbury, we received for answer: "His Grace is much obliged to you for giving him the opportunity of correcting the rumor as to his connection with the Ethical Society you mention. The report is, as you suppose, quite untrue— this being the first time the Archbishop has heard of the Society in question." It does not matter much, but we may as well know the truth.

    We receive daily notes concerning the departure from the truth of preachers in England and Scotland; and though the subject is wearisome to our heart, we cannot forbear entreating the Lord's people to pray day and night for the afflicted church of God. He alone can stay the ever-growing evil, but he would have his people cry to him concerning it. The evil is by no means imaginary, but all too real. Our protest came not too soon, nor could it be too forcible. At this moment, those who have quitted the old faith may do what they please to silence papers and periodicals, but the evil reeks before high heaven. We trust it will not be long before the lovers of the gospel will awake to the danger, and speak out so as to be heard.

    In the first week in June there are to be two special services at the Tabernacle. On Tuesday evening, 4th inst., Mr. John Courtnay and the Southwark Choral Society are to help us praise the Lord with some of the grand old fugal tunes that ought never to have gone out of use. We shall be glad to see a large muster of friends who love those ancient melodies.
    On Thursday evening, June 6, C. H. S. has promised to preach another sermon for the British and Foreign Sailors' Society, when Mr. Matthews, the energetic secretary of the Society, has promised to bring as many sailors as he can muster. He is anxious to distribute the sermon, when it is published, among those that go down to the sea in ships; and he will be very grateful for all contributions that are given to him for that object.

    The secretary of the Tram-car and 'Bus Scripture Text Mission, Mrs. Wood, 53, Paternoster Row, E.C., asks us to call our readers' attention to the fact that for 10s. a text can be placed in a tram or 'bus, and maintained in a good position for a year. She will be very glad to receive donations.

    COLLEGE.—Mr. A. G. Haste has settled at Carrickfergus; and Mr. Joseph Young has sailed for Jamestown, St. Helena.
    Mr. F. R. Bateman has removed from Twickenham to Henley-in-Arden. Mr. F. Dann, who returned from Minnesota some months since, for his health's sake, has now sailed again for the United States.
    Will all the members of the Pastors' College Evangelical Association kindly note that Monday, June 24, has been fixed for the day of SPECIAL UNITED PRAYER? Will our brethren everywhere try to make this a day of real wrestling prayer? If all the churches take it up heartily, we may look for large blessing.

    EVANGELISTS.—Mr. J. E. Mathieson closes a very appreciative report of Messrs. Fullerton and Smith's services at Mildmay Park Conference Hall, as follows:—"I had not previously met with your valued evangelists, but I soon learned to appreciate and to love them . . ... I know of no two brethren more fitted for great and important work for the Master than these two. I wish friends in every large town in our land would seek to share in the benefit which a visit from them is likely to impart."
    Since the Conference, our brethren have been at Dr. Barnardo's Mission-hall, The Edinburgh Castle, where great crowds attended the services, and many received the truth. They also conducted services on two afternoons and evenings at Beulah Chapel, Thornton Heath, where much blessing resulted.
    Their future engagements are: June 1-9, Kilburn Hall; June 15-23, Bath Street Chapel, Poplar; June 30, Mildmay Park

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